Rabu, 09 Agustus 2017



  • Fajar    : Hello, I am Fajar. May I know your name please?
  • Raihan : Sure, I am Raihan. I am from Bandung. What about you?
  • Fajar    : I am from Bandung too. I have a hobby, my hobby is watching movie. How                       about you?
  • Raihan : My hobby is reading novels. Why dou you like the activity?
  • Fajar    : Because the movie keeps me entertained. What about you?
  • Raihan : Because reading is the bridge of knowledge to succes.
  • Fajar    : OK. Nice to meet you!
  • Raihan : Nice to meet you, too!

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

Muhamad Raihan Firmansyah

NAME       : Muhamad Raihan Firmansyah
CLASS      : X Social
NUMBER  : 11


      Hello, it’s me. I want to introduce my self. My name is Muhamad Raihan Firmansyah. I was born at Cianjur, 21st  on August 2002. I live at Buton Dalam Street Number 13D, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I live with my brother, my mom, my
dad, and my grandma. I have a bad life. My life start from 5th years old. I Kindergarten at Ulul Albab. When my first day Kindergarten, I’m very shame because I step on dird. But, I have  a great mom, she’s help clean my foot from the dird.
       Two years later, I graduate from my Kindergarten. I’m very happy because I was mature enough, but I’m never forget what happen to me when I step on dird in my first day Kindergarten. That so embarrassing. But, I’m seven years old, I must continue my education to Elemantary. I’m Elementary at Embong Elemantary. 
        Six years later, I graduated from the elementary school with good grades. I continued my education to 2 Junior High School Bandung. I thought, that school is a school with a smart kids. Apparently, my guess is wrong. This school is like a school in general. There are a good kids, bad boys, and others. I live my school very quietly. But, I often leave my schoolwork because of my calm. I was scolced by my teacher because I rarely do school work. But, I realized, I had to get up and have to do my schoolwork. One year has passed, I stepeed on grade 8 with a less satisfactory. I went through my 8th grade very smoothly. I do all the tasks of my teacher in time. I went up 9th grade with a pretty satisfactory value. During the first semester, there was a pretty memorable experience for me. I was appointed vice chairman of the class by my classmates. I think it was a memorable experience. Because, it is not easy to become a vice chairman of the class. Especially with my small body. I must hold the trust of my friend to keep the class order with the head of the class. Gratitude, I do my job as vice chairman very well. I did not feel that I had started a national exam. I feel tense because I have not quite understood the material for the national exam. The day finally came, I went through my first day of national examination. For the first day, the lesson is Indonesian.